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Adopt-A-County Road Program

This is a program of the Adams County Solid Waste Management District (ACSWMD) focused on obtaining citizen involvement to assist in cleaning up the Adams County roadways and increasing awareness among residents and transients of the illegality and undesirability of littering and dumping of trash along public roads. The primary goals of the programs are to instill pride in the appearance of our county and to educate all citizens in the proper methods of disposing of refuse, as well as to enlist citizen participation in the clean up of our roadways and the enforcement of all existing anit-littering/dumping laws. County residents interested in participating in this program should contact the ACSWMD at 260-724-9971 for additional information on how to adopt a road.


The ACSWMD will:

  1. Coordinate the program and establish requirements necessary to provide for the safety of participants. The ACSWMD will provide safety vest, highly visible trash bags, and safety road signs to warn traffic of workers ahead. Time permitting, public service radio and newspaper announcements of scheduled collections will be arranged by the ACSWMD.
  2. Provide pick up and disposal of collected trash at no cost to participants.


Participants will:

  1. Coordinate with the ACSWMD prior to the day of cleanup to obtain trash bags, safety vests, reachers, and arrange for the placement of safety signs.
  2. Notify the ACSWMD of the day of clean up and time that trash will be ready for pick up.
  3. Take all reasonable safety precautions to ensure participants are operating in a safe work environment, i.e. adult supervision, good weather/visibiltiy, highly visible clothing etc.
  4. Endeavor to collect trash a minimum of twice per year, spring and fall, or as necessary within capabilites.
  5. Sign a waiver of liability absolving the ACSWMD/AC Highway of responsiblity in the case of an accident during the collection.

How do I Adopt a County Road?

  • Contact the Solid Waste District at (260) 724-9971
  • Sign the registration sheet (download)
  • Be sure to include the Road Number that you wish to adopt and landmark stretch of beginning and end points.



  • You must adopt at least a one mile stretch of road.
  • You should plan to pick up along the road twice a year (preferably on a weekend)
  • Contact the Solid Waste District one or two days before the collection day.


Services Provided:
  • The Solid Waste District will furnish the bags for the collection days.
  • A crew will be sent to your adopted area to pick up bagged trash after collection day.